Monday, 12 December 2011

Rancangan Mengajar Harian Science Tahun 3


School Name                           : SJK ( C ) Sam Tet, Ipoh, Perak
Year                                        : Year 3
Theme                                     : Learning About Living Things
Learning Area                         : Animals
Learning Objectives                : 1.1 Pupils should learn to observe and recognize external features of animal.
Learning Outcomes                 : Pupils identify external features of an animal
Duration                                  : 30 minutes
Science process skills              : Observing, visualising, classifying
Manipulative skills                  : Draw specimens, apparatus
Previous knowledge                : Pupils already learnt external features in year 1.
Noble values                           : Being kind-hearted and caring, being thankful to God.
Resources                                : Power Point slide, animals card.

Introduction / Mental – Oral
( 5 minutes )
Video and picture of animals
  1. Teacher shows Power Point slide with video.
  2. Pupils watch the video carefully and answer the question that show on the Power Point slide.
  3. Teacher asks pupils to watch the picture of animals in the Power Point slide.
  4. Pupils answer the questions.
Power Point slide
Step 1
( 10 minutes )
External features of animals
  1. Teacher introduce the external features of animals.
  2. Teacher shows the Power Point slide and ask pupils to look at the external features of a bird carefully.
  3. Teacher explains the external features of a bird.
  4. Teacher shows some animals picture and explains that these animals have the same external features as bird.
  5. Teacher repeat the step with other animals such as fish, cat and insects.
Power Point slide
Step 2
( 7 minutes )
Identify the external features of animals
  1. Teacher shows an animal picture.
  2. Pupils look at the picture and say the external features.
  3. Teacher discuss the answer together with pupils.
  4. Teacher repeat the step with other animals pictures.
Animals card
Step 3
( 5 minutes )
  1. Teacher shows Power Point slide and ask pupils look at the pictures.
  2. Teacher asks pupils to guess what is the animals that in the box.
  3. Pupils click on the correct answer.
  4. Teacher shows the full image of the animals.
  5. Teacher use pen to highlight the part that show in the question.
Power Point slide
( 3 minutes )
  1. Teacher shows external features and pupils give the name of the external features.
2.  Teacher conclude the topic.
Animals card

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